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The following is an interview with a beautiful and versatile woman whose talent in modeling is indisputable. I hope you like the article.

Photo: Ken Benoit

1. Humanistic Rites: How did you start in modeling?  Ella Rose: I was studying my Masters Degree at university and on a whim answered a job advert written by a painter who was looking for a model. I had no idea what it would be like to model for an artist, but it was wonderful and I posed for him three times a week for about a year, creating some beautiful paintings which were exhibited in shows around London. 2. Humanistic Rites: What type of modeling do you practice?  Ella Rose: I model for artists and photographers with an artistic eye. I lean towards the 'classic' mood, partly due to my natural, feminine appearance and partly due to my own personal preference. I have often been compared to the women who exist in pre-Raphaelite paintings, and align well with this aesthetic (I consider it a compliment!). 3. Humanistic Ries: How do you prepare for each of your sessions?  Ella Rose: I make sure I know the practical details, such as what I need to bring with me and how to get to the location (I often pack a suitcase full of beautiful clothes and accessories to add visual interest to an image). I apply some (usually very light) make up. I generally take very good care of my skin and hair, using only my natural plant-based products which I create by hand and sell internationally through www.leafology.co.uk. Other than that, I just plan to be myself and go with the flow. 4. Humanistic Rites: What is your criterion for choosing the sessions and people you will work with? 

Ella Rose: I can usually get a good sense of a person's intentions through the way in which they contact me. It's important to me to work with those who are respectful and authentically interested in art. I check references from models they have previously worked with (and where this may not be possible, I plan to meet for the first shoot in a commercial studio which I know and trust, for safety reasons, rather than in the middle of a deep, dark forest...). I turn down work when the approach feels wrong, particularly if I feel the photographer/artist's style of work might be in any way degrading. I'm only interested in positive, celebratory work (though this may involve the whole gamut of human emotion and experience).

Photo: Jeremy Howitt

5. Humanistic Rites: Let's talk about the nude. What is about nude art that inspires you? 

Ella Rose: The nude body is an entirely natural, yet fascinating thing. Without clothes, the body can appear rather timeless, and this enables a feeling of a 'blank canvas', onto which many stories can be laid, or through which they can be created. It is very pure. This doesn't mean it is expressionless. As people, we are story-creating machines whether we mean to be or not, and can't help but express things both as subjects and creators. This is what makes a piece of art interesting. 6. Humanistic Rites: How do you feel when you work with nude art specifically? 

Ella Rose: I feel powerful and lucky to be so able to inspire, emote and create. 7. Humanistic Rites: Is there anything you've learned from working with nude art? 

Ella Rose: That art can unite the most unlikely of people. 8. Humanistic Rites: Is there ever an issue or a problem when you work nude, different from if you would have worked clothed?

Ella Rose: Yes, it can be somewhat colder!

Photo: Jeremy Howitt

9. Humanisitic Rites: Do you enjoy being nude outside of your photo sessions? 

Ella Roswe: I am not generally an exhibitionist or nudist, no. 10. Humanistic Rites: Do you dedicate yourself entirely to modeling? 

Ella Rose: No, I'm also writing a novel, help run a creative writing group with homeless people in my city, am the creator of a natural skin & hair care range, Leafology, and do many other things in my free time (singing, dancing, playing the piano, reading, learning languages, reading...). I like variety. I actually think this makes me a better model (albeit a rather busy and freakishly-organised one!). 11. Humanistic Rites: What are your short, medium and long-term plans in the field of modeling? 

Ella Rose: I have been modelling for 10 years and travelled all over the world multiple times as a model. It's been a huge honour and I consider myself very lucky. At the moment I can't say with any certainty to what extent I'll still be modelling a few years from now (I would need to clone myself a few times in order to fulfil all the various ambitions I simultaneously have!), but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I have a mailing list at www.ellarosemuse.co.uk for anyone interested in following my journey or hiring me. 12. Humanisitic Rites: What are your main hobbies?

Ella Rose: Anything creative (see above!). I am often discovering new ones and have to remind myself not to try to do too much! I love animals and breaks at home often involve cuddling my cat and drinking a LOT of loose leaf tea. (Do these count as a hobbies?). You can follow me on instagram at @ellarosemuse and @leafologyskin and visit www.ellarosemuse.co.uk for travel updates and more.

Photo: Jeremy Howitt

Special thanks to Ella Rose for the attention given for conducting this interview. Regards

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